Podvodné e-maily na seznámení


There you are my male, How are you today? I expect all is well. I am creating my e-mail and I wish that you areordinary person. It is not myfirsteffortto find someone in Internet. My last contactsturned out to be liars. Building a seriousconnectionis my prioritya im. I decide for this even after all the failures. I will write a bit about myself. My name is Irinochka. I live in UA-ukraine, after all I have been thinking more and more about turning my residency. I’m afore 35 years old, I understand that it is too much, my years arepenetrating. Hence, I don’t have the capacity to actstupid games. I am an educated, caringperson, as well as a nicehousewife. I work in dentistry. I have no financial difficulties. This is theresume of my life. If our aimsfit, you couldanswer me. Correspond about youself! Whether we are interested in each other, I think we will haveanability. For now the option is yours.

Interested? Please answer ONLY to my private mail box: drsmile1984@yandex.com

I will be looking forward for your letter. Iroka